About NYSUT Student Debt Webinars

We know how stressful and complicated it can be to navigate your student loans. It's difficult to get straight answers. That's why we've created a series of live webinars for NYSUT members, so you can get straight answers to your student loan questions.

Webinars are led by Cambridge Credit Counseling and offer our members the following: 

  • Presentation from a student loan counselor to help you better understand the various student loan repayment options with a focus on Teacher Loan Cancellation and Public Student Loan Forgiveness programs. 
  • Opportunity to schedule a free counseling session with a certified student loan counselor.
  • Free access to a student loan portal that will quickly identify all of your options and provide a detailed action plan that you can then discuss with a certified student loan counselor.

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NYSUT Workshops Help Members Navigate Student Loan Debt

Cambridge student loan counseling manager Todd Friedhaber said the key is to keep good records and get information from a trusted source. With dozens of loan types and a head-spinning array of repayment options, Friedhaber walked workshop participants through the ins and outs of the student loan world.
NYSUT members can get student loan help
NYSUT members can get student loan help
“I wish I had this five years ago,” said Saratoga Springs Teachers Association member Sherry Dorrer, who attended an after-school workshop this week. ”I’ve been trying to stay on top of it — but you get a different answer every time you call your loan servicer. There are so many moving parts.”